Free Choice 2

I am an image of an old man with his dogs running around his feet

He lives in the woods, away from “Breaking News;”

He hates television, he hates the news, he loves his companions, he wants nothing else.

I am an image of a man and his lover

His broad shoulders, the small of his back, the birth mark

on his chest, right above the nipple–his eyes, his smile, his laughter

echoing until three in the morning–the softness of it, the balance,

and my knees weakening in his presence.

I am an image of a boy in his fortress, his castle with a moat

freshly installed with four new crocodiles shipped from Africa

-and a Hippo!

I dare you, you neighborhood intruders, siege my castle and meet

your peril, for

I am the Captain of

the pirate ship.

Pan! I’m coming for you and your boys; but later for,

I am terrified of the monsters in my closet, but

everyone needs a home. Mother comes in to quiet them down.

I am an image of a newborn babe,

everything is new and the floor is always cold.

I am a man, in a bed, with his family around him.

There he is, and my son, and my daughters

My friends,

My lovers,

And there is my love, coming again to take me away with him.

I am

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