Category Five

Jack, it’s over between us

“A storm is coming! A storm is coming!”

It’s been like this for a while and I just can’t do it anymore

“Prepare yourselves!”

There’s someone else.

“Lookout!” the tides broke through and flooded the boardwalk and receded.


The last thing I remember, I was standing at the breaking point, standing at the edge wondering if it was worth it, wondering–


If it would just take me without forcing me to decide.

Are you there?


Are you there?



The tide broke through

It’s over.

The floodgates

There’s someone else

Is it worth it?

It’s-is it-over.-worth it?



I’m sorry–No you’re not, you’ve been fucking him all along!

Gail-force winds

Why would you do this – how could you do – do you know how hard it was to-

The water receded

To find someone like you

It bombarded the beach


Flooded the pier


Never stopped


Just kept going

It’s over.

Over the pier




The receiver fell. Worst storm on record.

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One Response to Category Five

  1. Interestingly, this has a pattern like the story. I like what you’re doing with alternation.

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