And Now For the Honorable Mention

Dear Critics,

I’m trying

Dear Critics,

This is hard.

For all these years I thought poetry involved rhyme

And it does

And it’s easy

Rhyme isn’t hard,

I can do it in my yard

On a tree,

about a bee meeting a flee next to the sea

See I can rhyme well, but about what?

Rhyming involves timing

Rhyming is easy.

But poetry isn’t just rhyme,

I’m learning that now.

Rhyming is for childhood to which I no longer belong

In body; but never in mind for I will always be a child at heart and at thought

-That was close.

I feel differently now that I’m older

–I suddenly feel the urge to say something about a boulder–but I won’t!

I can’t, those days are in the past,

And now is the present; and the beginning of this poem, this thing, this mass of life and words,

is in the past,

And the next line is in the future

And now is the present–the present that I give to you if only you will take it, if only you’ll see     something in it–something that maybe I might see

Now past,

It has passed now but don’t forget it

Don’t forget it because I wrote it as a tribute, a testimony to my effort,

My skill,

My wi–

I’m learning, I’m growing, I’m trying

It’s not that hard, it’s not as if I’m dy–it’s not as if I’m dying.


I’ll keep at it.

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