A Slice of Reality

Alas, another build up to the fall; but falling can be the same as flying if you look in the right direction.

So my original reason for the creation of this blog was to prepare for my trip to Italy where I would then record my experiences and be immensely happy and never ever come back; but now, in a not at all surprising turn of events. my chances of going to Italy this summer have been drastically reduced as I just received word that I was not selected as a recipient of the major scholarship that I was counting on. So, where do we go from here?

If this had happened to me a week ago it would have taken every aspect of my being to not jump out in front of the nearest bus; but today is different–today is different. Maybe it’s just my strangely demented reality, or maybe I’m living in a dream that I dread waking up from; but I know that I will make it to Italy eventually, and if not now, then soon. Maybe this is a way for me to prioritize my goals. Maybe this is a way for me to take the time needed to get certified in ESL first. Maybe this is all a load of horse shit.

Regardless, I guess the only way I can receive this news is by continuing to move forward–keep keeping on and all that jazz.



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